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Spoon aftermarket tuning package for Honda CR-Z

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The Honda CR-Z is basic hot compact coupe that runs on Hybird Technology. But now, the japanese aftermarket tuner have make it hotter than ever.

Spoon fitted the new CR-Z with its CR93 wheels along with upgraded calipers clamping onto 15-inch slotted discs. A ride height lowered by 50mm with a set of suspension upgrade, while the exterior parts has been replace with the addition of a carbon fiber hood, mirrors and front lip spoiler.

More importantly, a new N1 exhaust has been fitted and Spoon modded the ECU to churn out a few extra horsepower. There’s no word on what the rejiggered computer and exhaust is good for power-wise or how Spoon is manipulating the hybrid drive system to boost performance, but considering the track record of Spoon. We can expect some good results after tuning up.

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