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India automakers ready to invade the U.S. market to eat Detroits Pie


I am seriously and not joking but to say that the India automakers are getting ready to invade the U.S. market to eat Detroit’s Pie.

Mahindra pick-up  

Mahindra Double cab pick-up

Experts say their vehicles are no joke. Plus, Detroit’s turmoil could give Indian automakers a foot in the door here.

With General Motors and Chrysler both looking to save money, in part by trimming their dealer ranks, hundreds of new-car dealers could be ready to sign up with new competitors like these.

By the end of 2009, U.S. auto shoppers will be able to buy a mid-sized Mahindra pick-up truck and already almost 350 dealerships have signed on to sell it nationwide in North America, according to Georgia-based Global Vehicles U.S.A., Mahindra’s North American distributor. As a serious towing-and-hauling truck, Mahindra’s small pick-up is aimed at taking a chunk of America’s big bread-and-butter market.

In addition, Tata Motors has said it intends to begin selling its Nano microcar here by 2011 for those seeking an ultra-cheap and fuel-efficient vehicle.