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Toyota Pixis Space “Kei” Car Launched in Japan

Due to increase demand of “kei” car in Japan, Toyota is now selling its very first minicar in Japanese Domestic Market (JDM).   Minicar, or “kei,” are defined under Japanese regulations as having maximum length of 3.4 meters, width of 1.48 meters, height of 2 meters and engine displacement of less than 660cc. Taxes are lower for minicars, which now make ...

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Toyota collaborate with Daihatsu to sell Kei Cars in Japan by autumn 2011

Toyota is getting into the Kei cars (K-cars) market under Toyota brand in Japan. The Japanese automaker said on Tuesday that it would expand its product line to include 660cc mini-vehicle made by subsidiary Daihatsu Motor Co. starting in stages from autumn 2011 in Japan. They expect annual sales of about 60,000 units of mini-vehicles once all three models hit ...

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