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Tuesday, April 21, 2015
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Proton Prevé surpasses 11,000 Bookings within 2 months

Proton Prevé has succeeded to capture the Malaysian market, with the total bookings of 11,310 received within 2 months since launch, the figure has surpasses the milestone of 10k units. Proton claims this figures has make the Prevé most popular 1.6L sedan in the market.


The Launch of Proton Preve

“This is a very positive sign for us and further proof that PROTON can engineer and manufacture world class products,” said PROTON Holdings Berhad Executive Chairman, Dato’ Sri Hj Mohd Khamil Jamil.


The Proton Prevé offered in three variants: the Premium with 1.6 Charged Fuel efficiency or CFE (turbocharged) engine mated to PROTON’s 7-speed ProTronic CVT, and two Executive variants utilizing the 6-speed CVT transmission, and 5-speed manual transmission – both coupled with the IAFM+ engine. Priced from RM72,990 on-the-road (peninsular Malaysia) for the Premium variant, RM62,990 for the Executive CVT and RM59,990 for the Executive with manual transmission, the Prevé comes with a five-year or 150,000km warranty (whichever comes first) making it an affordable as well as attractive family and executive sedan.


The Launch of Proton Preve


The Prevé also offers buyers the performance equivalent of a 2-litre engine capacity vehicle, with its 1600cc power plant producing 138 brake horse power at 4,000rpm with a maximum torque of 205Nm from 2,000 to 4,000rpm, essentially offering the best acceleration for a vehicle in its class. Despite this, the Prevé offers a commendable fuel consumption rating of 6.6 litres/100km. On top of exceptional performance and fuel economy, the Prevé is equipped with a Push Start button, LED lights and many more features. 


For more details, Check out our article for Proton Prevé during launch.

Proton Preve (Prevé) Launched! Premium with CFE Turbo

Proton Preve (Prevé) has officially launched. The new Proton product named Prevé is the official name for the highly awaited Proton P3-21A as referred by Proton before launching. First off, why and what’s Prevé, the name pronounced as (pray-vay) is derived from the word “Preve” which means to prove a point.  


The Launch of Proton Preve
The Launch of Proton Preve The Launch of Proton Preve The Launch of Proton Preve

The Proton Preve comes in six colour option. As you can see here there’s Silver, Red, Blue, and White. Scroll below to see photos of Black and Gold colour Proton Preve. Immediately, we can spot the whole new design image Proton try to bring out by incorporating with day light LED at the headlamps and simplicity yet stylish designed body-line.


The Launch of Proton Preve

Proton Preve comes in 2 variants, which is Premium & Executive.  The Proton Preve Premium will be the one equipped with CFE (Charged Fuel Efficiency) turbo engine. The Preve Premium will pump out 138bhp & 205NM of torque from the 1.6-litre Campro engine. The max torque kicks in early at a low rpm from 2000 to 4000 rpm. Which Proton claims the best acceleration vehicle in its class. On paper, the Proton Preve CFE Turbo will do 9.6 seconds from 0 to 100km/h. 


The Launch of Proton Preve
The Launch of Proton Preve The Launch of Proton Preve The Launch of Proton Preve

The Proton Preve Premium (the one with CFE Turbo) is mated with a 7-speed ProTonic gearbox and comes with a special “S” mode for or sportier driving experience. Yet, the gear change claims to be smooth and still be fuel economy.  To do that, drivers can enjoy paddle shifters on the Proton Preve (Premium) steering wheel.  Proton engineers has spend a substantial amonut of time to the Proton Preve interior. It looks good for now, but we are yet to inspect to provide a more detailed report later. The Proton Preve Premium is built-in with a GPS with in-car entertainment LCD system, where as other variant will get a portable GPS device.


Check out the video we recorded during the Proton Preve launch event.


The Launch of Proton Preve

From the rear of Proton Preve it’s a whole new design apart from all other Proton models before. In our opinion, we feel the rear of the Proton Preve looks like rather complicated as if there’s too many pieces being put together. There’s a wide boot space and there will be a button from the car remote to pop up the boot.


The Launch of Proton Preve

The Push Start button will go along only with the Proton Preve Premium. Luckily the daylight LED with projector headlamp comes standard in all Proton Preve. Proton also included the 4G in car WIFI from YES 4G as standard for all car. However for features like Auto light sensor, Auto climate air conditioner, Auto cruise, Auto wipers are all only available in the Proton Preve Premium.


The Launch of Proton Preve

Proton referred the Proton Preve to be the first Proton global car, that meets world’s market demand and Proton will market the Proton Preve throughout the world. Proton Preve it’s already on sale and available for viewing in Proton Showrooms. The Proton Preve will be priced on-the-road price at RM 72,990.00 for premium variant and RM 62,990.00 for executive Auto transmission. The manual transmission Preve will be priced at RM 59,990.00. Do check out the the new Proton Preve and tell us about it in comments below.


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Proton Power of 1 event,open bookings for Proton P3-21A

Proton is will be holding the Proton Power of 1 Event from today (14 March 2012) to 18 March 2012. The event is open for public with a long visiting hours from 10am to 10pm in these period. The 5 day event is going on right now in Stadium Bukit Jalil. Proton will be showcasing its technology advancements,engineering achievements, innovation and motorsports success. The stadium Bukit Jalil’s car park will be converted to various sections to different segment of the Proton Power of 1 event.

Not to forget the about highly anticipated upcoming Proton new vehicle, coded as Proton P3-21A or more commonly know as Persona replacement model – Proton will be taking bookings for this new car which is due to official launch in April 2012. Proton will have videos and bits of parts of the Proton P3-21A as a sneak peak for the new model. However there will be a highly masked Proton P3-21A around doing some stunt driving to show off Proton incorporated Lotus ride & handling with that car.

5201  630xfloat= img 6400 Proton Persona replacement model in 2012   Proton Tuah concept

Proton’s P3-21A it’s design from the concept of Proton Tuah showcased in the KLIMS last year. We put up a comparison as well as a link of the concept car for you guys to refresh your memory. http://www.fastmotoring.com/index.php/2010/12/proton-persona-replacement-model-in-2012-proton-tuah-concept/


Proton has setup a mini circuit to allow public to catch Proton’s Alister McRae showing off the power and performance of the Satria Neo S2000 rally car. For motorsports enthusiasts, there will be also demonstration and stutn drivings by Lotus Cars Malaysia , Proton R3 division and most of the the Lotus F1 will make its appearance as well. Proton will be having some special promotion for visitors to purchase their vehicles, one of it will be the “Buy and Win” contents where customers will have a chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be an F1 Driver for a day under the Lotus F1-race programme. So be sure to visit the Proton Power of 1 Event!