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Friday, September 19, 2014
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Mugen Honda Freed

As Honda Freed just recently launch in Malaysia. Mugen as a tuner  for nearly all Honda cars has actually tuned the Honda Freed with some visual-cosmetic upgrade and some of the performance accessories.

Mugen Honda Freed Wallpaper

By equipping the full bodykit to the Honda Freed, with some Mugen badge all around – certainly the Honda Freed looks more sporty than standard.

Mugen Freed exhaust Mugen Freed Tail pipe

The Mugen Freed is can be equipped with dual exhaust as an optional setup for the rear skirt. Something i didn’t expect from Mugen is that the one of the tailpipe  is actually a cosmetic one which is not connected to the exhaust system rather something just to look more sporty.

Freed Spoiler Mugen Freed Side Skirt

The Mugen Freed spoiler and sideskirt. Much like the Mugen Jazz.

Mugen Freed Grille Mugen Freed Front Skirt

The front grille which is similar from the one in Mugen Honda Odyssey and front skirt with air vents.

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