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Renault DeZir Concept Preview


Renault DeZir Concept Car will be one of the vehicle displayed in Renault’s booth in this year Motor Show in Paris. This will set a point that a new styling from Renault. Laurens van den Acker as the new design vice president for Renault, has previously worked with Mazda and designed the Mazda Nagare, Ryuga , Hakaze Concept until he resigned with Mazda in 2009 and join Renault since then. It’s hard to denied that we do see some “emotional” styling been inherited here.


The DeZir concept delivers a simple, sensuous, warm look and feel according to Renault. In our opinion, Renault is making it’s own Audi R8 or rather Audi E-tron. The new concept car will be powered by the same size 24 kilowatt-hour lithium ion battery in the Nissan Leaf which has the driving range of 100 miles which is about 161km. The DeZir Concept Car is powered by a 100kW electronic motor and it’s rear wheel drive. The car weights only 1830 pound and will do an expected 0-100 in about 5 seconds.


The Body panels and the reverse attached scissors door is made of Kevlar and as for the chassis is made up with a steel tube frame. The suspension current equipped with this Renault Concept is double wishbone type for all four 21″ wheels.

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There’s no indication yet from Renault that DeZir will be produced. Right now it remains a study concept. We would expect more details on this Renault DeZir nearing or during the Paris Motor Show this year.