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Mazda 6 Malaysia Facelift 2010 2.0 and 2.5

2010 Mazda 6 2.5 Front

Mazda 6 Facelift 2010 has quietly launched in Malaysia.  Shown together will other Mazda families members in 1 utama this weekend, Mazda 6 Facelift 2010 Malaysia has some few upgrades but mainly on the 2.0 liter version. Just by looking it , the new Mazda 6 has inherit design from the Mazda 3 2010 or rather from the Mazda Furai fascia designs.

2010 Mazda 6 2.5 Front

The white new Mazda 6 shown here it’s a 2.5 liter version. The new Mazda 6 2010 receives changes on Foglamp bezel design, Front Grill, new front bumper design and new headlamps design. The Mazda 6 has Bi-Xenon headlamps, but on the new version there’s Bi-Xenon headlamp with swivel AFS ( Adaptive Front-Lighting System). Which means the front headlamps will swivel to left and right as you change your direction.

2010 Mazda 6 2.5 Wheel

The all-new Mazda 6 2.5 also receive new wheels design. These rims design gives me a more “moving” feeling.

2010 Mazda 6 2.5 Rear

From the rear, the Mazda 6 2.5 receive new rear lights design. While the information we received, it says to be the rear bumper design has been update but we couldn’t really notice it. Attached photo below it’s the Pre-facelift Mazda 6 2.5.

You can notice the rear lights it’s different where by the middle part it’s more “redish” and you can compare the rims design too.

2010 Mazda 6 2.5 Interior

As for the Interior of Mazda 6 2.5, there’s no changes that we are aware of, but what we would like to mention is the Mazda 6 2.5 version has push-start button, BOSE audio system and also a sun roof shown below as compare to the latest Mazda 6 2.0 version.

2010 Mazda 6 2.5 Sun roof

As for Mazda 6 2010 Malaysia new facelift 2.0 version please continue reading below.

2010 Mazda 6 2.0 Front

Immediately, we can see the Mazda 6 2010 2.0 version has lack of foglamps, a different front grill design as compare to the Mazda 6 2.5 version. If you are able to notice, the Mazda 6 2.0 version has also a different design of front headlights.

For those who are interested with Mazda 6 2.0 – do not need to be disappointed, the all-new Mazda 6 2.0 facelift Malaysia version has added quite a few goodies. For example, the headlights are now with ( HID ) High-intensity discharge headlamps. Check out the video above to have a quick walk through of the new Mazda 6 2.0 facelift.



2010 Mazda 6 2.0 Interior

As a quick glance from the Mazda 6 2010 facelift Interior, we are able to notice a additional few important feature.

2010 Mazda 6 2.0 Interior

From the steering wheel we can see that, there’s paddle shift, steering audio system control and also audio cruise.  These features are not available in the pre-facelift Mazda 6. Added too it’s the trip computer on the facelifted Mazda 6 2.0.

2010 Mazda 6 2.0 Auto Climate Control

Mazda 6 facelift 2.0 version also has a dual-zone air condition so that the left and right passenger can control their own temperature settings.

2010 Mazda 6 2.0 Rear

As for the rear, Mazda 6 2.0 facelift too received a new design rear lamps, compare the the pre-facelift version – the new facelifted Mazda 6 2.0 version rear lights are less with “reds” and more “transparent” looking. Thus it does gives  little bit more of a higher grade feel. Lacking of here as compare to the Mazda 6 2.5 version it’s actually the missing bootlip.


Infact, the all-new Mazda 6 2.0 facelifted Malaysia version it’s actually a higher spec compare to the pre-facelifted version. Of course there’s a higher price to pay. With all the new goodies in the facelifted Mazda 6 2.0. Buyers have to pay an adition RM5000 as compare to the last version.


Personally i think RM5000 for the Mazda 6 2.0 facelift with all these features, it’s reasonable. Just by justifying with the paddle shift, the HID lights and a better design of rear lights.

2010 Mazda 6 2.5 Engine Bay

No enhancement on the engine and gearbox as compare to the last version, but just the recap. Mazda 6 2.0 produces 149hp @ 6500 rpm while the Mazda 6 2.5 produces 172hp @ 6000 rpm. Both version it’s paired with a 5-speed activematic gearbox.


Check out the comparison for Prefalift Mazda 6 vs Facelifted Mazda 6 as below.

Mazda 6 2.0 Old Features Mazda 6 2.0 Facelift new features
1) Halogen headlamp with manual leveling Discharge ( HID ) headlamp with auto levelling
2) Without trip computer With trip computer
3) Manual Air-cond Dual zone air cond
4) Without paddle shift With paddle shift
5) Without audio switch on steering wheel With audio switch on steering wheel
6) Shift knob and parking brake PVC Shift knob and parking brake leather
7) Without auto cruise With auto cruise
. .
Mazda 6 2.5 Old Features Mazda 6 2.5 facelift New Features
Bi-Xenon headlamp with static AFS Bi-Xenon headlamp with swivel AFS


1) Sport rim design
2) Front and rear bumper design
3) Front grill
4) Foglamp bezel
5) Rear lights


Mazda 6 facelift 2.0 it’s going for  RM148,933.00 without Insurance. and Mazda 6 2.5 facelift going for RM174,877.00 without Insurance. That’s all for now, we will get back to you on a more detail report once we get the official information. Check out the all-new Mazda 6 Malaysia facelift 2010 gallery below.


**Special Thanks to Alice Chin as Bermaz Federal Higher Showroom’s Sales Adviser for providing us the information on Mazda 6 facelift . Should you have any inquiry about Mazda 6 you may Contact,


Ms. Alice Chin
H/p :012-3366223


  • edvin

    Seems like the new Mazda 6 2.0 is a steal compare to Accord VTi-L… :)

    Good to see Competition in this sector.

  • joliloli

    hey do u have that mazda 3 hatchback picture?im interested with m3 htchback..

    • ben

      yes we have… =) in red and grey ….hang on shortly.. while we post it. would you like me to email you when it’s up?

  • joliloli

    yes sure..hope u can email to me when it’s up…thanks

  • Harry

    Test drive available?

  • Deric

    I have placed my order middle of March for a Mazda6 2.5 facelift…. but i still haven see the real car yet! only watch in youtube and website… pity me

  • Deric

    ooop…. i ordered a white color M6 in ipoh! the sales person told me i can get it end of April… but my feeling told me i won’t get it so soon

    • ben

      lucky we have recorded some video for your reference. Anyway, not to worry..once you get your car..i’m sure u will get alot of people “wow”-ing at your car in ipoh especially

  • Deric

    Ben… Appreciated the video!! frankly tell u that i changed my car every two to three years! 1st car on 2003 was a Inokom Atos, 2nd car on 2005 was a Honda City (idsi) and my 3rd car now is Nissan Latio Sport! and waiting Mazda 6 at this time being,… i think i won;t change my car within these 5 years, since the 2nd hand value for mazda is extremely low…..

    • ben

      your most welcome. good to hear that you like our presentation of posting. Anyway i agree and disagree with you in some cases…1st..mazda 6 for this version..there’s already alot on the road…i dont think the resell value is that low…next..u wont change car within these years?..i agree…because mazda 6 it’s a great car…white 2.5 is awesome..good choice of colours..enjoy your car =)

  • Deric

    Thanks for ur info!!

  • adam

    Just went to see the new facelift M6. Everything seems awesome, but the rear passenger seat seems small compare to camry and accord. I’m 173cm height, when sat at rear passenger seat my hair seems touching the roof when i’m sitting straight.

  • wakjoe

    i think your site need a better photographer.

    • ben

      thank you for your comment. we are still training ourselves to take better video and better photos in the short time frame give when we see the car. hope to improve and reach higher expectation soon.

  • voon

    the picture is fine to me…appreciate your good job. Wakjoe, theres always other sites…..
    BTW, nice M6.

    • ben

      Thanks Voon, btw i’m not too sure did other malaysian site covers the mazda 6 facelift 2010

  • rw

    Just got the facelift 2010 Mazda 6 2.5cc. Its a superb car and for those with the budget of RM170-180k, I would recommend it.

  • wakjoe

    voon, my comment is only for the goodness of this new site.
    nothing more nothing less.
    try to accept others people view.
    looks to me u are living in your own world.
    btw ben, yes this is the only local site that covered the 2010 mazda6 fl.
    so keep improving matey and good luck :)

  • Moses

    Greetings all,

    I really pity the M6. It really is a damn great car but sadly, Malaysians don’t really consider this car when it comes to their car shopping list especially on the D segment cars. The specs they throw in the M6 is mind boggling especially the 2.5 spec. Camry 2.4V is an overpriced creature by UMW. The spec of the Camry 2.4V was no way to be compared to the M6 2.5 but the Camry is selling like hot cakes out there.

    I almost got the M6 2.0 version way back in 2009 but something is just not right with the 2.0 version back then but this facelifted one is a definite killer. The 2.5 price is a bit on the untouchable zone for me.

    The one and only showroom in Melaka is now packed especially on the weekends compared to before. I really hope that Malaysians will appreciate Mazda range and also to break the monopoly of the big H and T.

    I guess that Bermaz is not doing a great job in promoting the Mazda brands in Malaysia.

  • Deric

    Agree what Moses said here! I never saw any tv ads for Mazda series and I will get my M6 2.5 ltr on this Friday…. Hopefully more and more ppl will consider Mazda so that the market value will higher

  • Nelson

    I’m still waiting for my M6 2.5….wait for 2 1/2 months alry…hope to get it soon

  • Moses

    Most Malaysians are more concerned about the resale value than the value of the actual car. Come on, before buying the car, already think of selling it………this is not right….hahah

  • Moses

    Hi Deric,

    Congratulations on your sensible purchase. Now I can only envy you…..

  • Alex


    Can you please advise me.

    I am considering a new camry 2.0G and also scouting around for other cars. Can someone advise me the second hand value of mazda 6 2.0 and 2.5 price? Will the price depreciate alot after 2 to 3 years?


    • ben

      looking on the amount of Mazda 6 on the road these days.. i think is at least improve alot compare to years back. Question is do you like the car ?

  • SK

    Just saw the M6 recently and fell in love with the interior (comparing with Accord & Camry). There is 2 things I dislike about M6, the back looks like M3 & it’s smaller compared to Accord & Camry. I’m now at a delima, Accord or M6!! damm it… can’t really deside.

  • KS


    I am getting my M6 2.5 soon as well, most likely the rare Black Mica…

    Your dilemma on Accord or M6?
    Space of cos is Accord…that depends on whether u really need it, M6 is not that small, sits 5 comfortably…

    Additional Specs from Mazda 6…BOSE sound system, sunroof, Bi-xenon Adaptive Front Headlamp system, 18″ sport rims, skirting, PUSH Start button…The best is still on the handling department, i beg the chasis of M6 is much better…test drive it, u wil get your answer…and do take note of the quality material used in the interior

  • Amir

    hey guys don’t make urself tired. the only acceptable brands in malaysia are honda and toyota. so Mazda, Hyundai, Peugeot, Kia and so on are out of site and totally rubish from malaysian views. when u ask them why they don’t know. i’m the one who owe my life to Peugeot. if that time i was following people advice and choose honda, i would not be alive now. so the result is, choose the best.%100 toyota and honda can’t be the best. don’t care about resale value. enjoy ur car. cheers…

  • M6

    Agreed. It is the handling department as compared to T & H. Got my 6 already. No regrets. Who cares about resale value if u don’t intend to sell it in a year or two? Just get the car within budget and one which you enjoy driving most. Cheers.

  • SK

    Made up my mine. Got an Accord 2.4 and have no regrets. The interior space is really impressive, have so much space for the back passenger, you can cross your leg and read news paper. The interior detailing of the Accord may lose out to an M6, but after the hype wears off, and when I came to my senses, I went for the accord. Few simple reasons:-
    Boss sound system / push start / memory seat / bi-zinon lights / 18’rim (cost more to change the tires) they are all cosmetics. Nice to have, but you can leave with out it.
    Size does matter (at least to me) – something you may not be able to get, unless you change the car. All the above you can still fit it at accessorie shop.
    Honda have differentiation for all it’s classes. City / Civic / Accord all have it’s own characteristics / different look and feel. Mazda 2 / 3 / 6 have similar tail lights, M3 & M6 looks really similar too, some times at a glance you can’t really tell if it’s a 6 or 3??? and guess what, they are all white!! When the M6 become more common on the road, the hype will die down…
    not too sure of the re-sale value for M6, I guess it will definitely not be as good as Honda or Toyota. Just to share some perspective, Accord 2.4, 2 years old, selling in the market for RM145k to RM150k (new is RM173k) that’s only like 17% down. That’s damm good price for a 2nd hand. This may not affect you, if you don’t intend to sell the car, but the truth, people normally change their car every 3 – 5 years.

    In conclusion – both cars have it’s pros and cons, choose the one that fits you best. Good luck.

  • M6

    You have chosen the right car based on your requirements. I doubted the 17% depreciation for 2 years. Anyway, I have also considered Accord before I decided on the 6. For me, I buy a car that I can afford and most importantly one that I enjoyed driving for my daily commute. Have driven the 6 for few months now and I must say the car is well built. No rattle or complain so far. Though it is a big car but you don’t feel it when driving. Steering is sharp on corners and feel is good even during high speed. For those who are in the same dilemma, it is worth considering. It has just been voted “Best Family Sedan” by What Car. Cheers.

  • KS

    Hi SK,

    Good to hear you choose something u like…which is a different target market that the car is intended for…I believe me and M6 are the same group, likes sporty drive, with those rare exclusivity on the road, than the norms…while the additional specs you mentioned may not be the ‘must have’, but I bet to differ that the BOSE is nice, and the xenon light is superb for night driving, not forgeting to mention the night view we have with the sunroof…at the end of the day, it’s the sharp handling and stiff chasis designed in Oberusel Germany which we appreciate more, i believe Honda will behave different without the comfort with the same 18″ setting…on the replacement cost of tyres and the claimed depreciation, hmmm, everything good comes with a price…
    It would be nice if one day we can compare our cars and share our experience further over a cup of teh tarik.

    Meantime, happy driving to you SK & M6!

  • Paul

    I think i will go for M6 2.0L.

  • m3man

    someone who worries about selling his car after 5 yrs is a guy who is not satisfied with the quality of his car after that period, due to poor engineering and built. i believe M6 is still superb even after 15 yrs. by this time the resale value is negligible – no matter what car.

  • Bernard

    I’m now considering Camry 2.0G & M6, before that I never see M6, only yesterday I saw it on the road & impress on it design. However, as my understanding, M6 no come with leather seat. Consumption and maintainance cost compare to Camry is my another concern. Could anyone here tell be how does M6 consumption & maintenance costs?

  • KS

    Hi Bernard,

    FYI…it comes with 2 years free maintenance…u can check with the salesman on the actual service schedule / interval with the costing listed (there is such list)

    According to TORQUE magazine, it quoted 10.4km/
    L for Camry 2.0 and 11.9km/L for M6 2.0…could be due to M6 having a 5 speed vs 4 speed in Camry.

    Go check out the detail spec on whats available and what’s not, and the most important…test drive the car…u will find the answer…

  • JH

    There is another option in between thats worth to add in the equation of comparison, check out the new Sonata YF. i have booked one after comparing all the above.

  • Tom

    Mazda did very well for to improve the car complicated engineering of engine,tranmission & handling but failed to

    improved the simple but most important parts:- such as 1)security of the boot locking system(it not lock even it closed) and 2)the driver seat of 2.0lit cushion too short and flat(tend to slide drive forward & not providing the thigh support), & 3) the rear seat cushion is too short & flat(should be tilt-up more).

    Beside it is also too low for just a 5feet 6inch person (so low your thigh is lifted up)- compare with Misubishi Lancer 2.0lit justRM125k the seat is very comfortable for long distant travel.
    Many of my frens thumb down the Mzd car just bcoz the lousy seat design. Some even said some 1 lit-1.3lit car that cost below Rm50k do better in this area vs M6 cost RM155k.

    I really understand their decision, as how u goin to buy a car that u don’t feel secure in place & comfortable even before the car move.

    2.0lit Toyota(adjustable to tilt-up) & Honda hv a better seat too thus d top 3 Jap manufacturer good in this section. So wait for next new model & hope they improve this area.It also come with much hi-tech & powerful engine b4 make a decision.

  • M6

    Tom, u must be kidding to say that the car is not secure or comfortable. For the seats & driving position u have mentioned, you should go for SUV or truck. Or sit in a GTR or CLS. I assured u, it is different from the usual potong cars we have aplenty.

  • KS

    Just to share with everyone…taken my M6 2.5 for 1 month plus, never stop enjoying driving it, especially in long distance drive…its a good choice!

  • kevster

    Ben, Im planning to get a M6 2.5L white. However, i have a query. How do we change the audio player to a DD player (monitor player) as per Japan or UK specs? Do you have any recommended dealer that i cant get hold of that player?


  • Tom

    Attn : 35-Bernard,
    Frm my fren(M owners feedback)M6-2L consumpt abit more(5-10% depend on how u drive) petrol vs T as the M6 engine design with short stroke & continous Variable intake valve only,that y it is more responsive/drivebility. Thus generally M has a higher operat’g rpm vs T. T is low on fuel but not so responsive bcoz long stroke design thus lower operat’g rpm.
    Maintenance,if u not consider d free maintc period pckg bundled,M is always 15-30% higher as the parts is produce last as compare with T which mass productn becoz at least produce20 times more than M in global vol.Furthermore in M’sia, only Mzd Serv Ctr doin 5-7% vol of total T vol. M Serv ctr hv to charge higher to maintain their o/head.

    Attn, 39-M6,

    Mitsubitshi Lancer can design great & comfortable rear seat vs M6(flat & low).U should try out yourself b4 argue. Lancer is also sedan car lah not SUV or lorry lah. Even some mag review M’s seat not good. If u own M-2.5L & never sit at back u don’t what i mean.
    For front seat M-2L, even 2010 facelift model don’t electric
    seat that can tilt the thigh support & it short too.Even my yr 92 ex-car sentral(RM75k car) hv an manual to tilt the front seat. So read probably and
    n check it out yourself.


  • King Lim

    Where got show room in Klang?

  • Don

    the interior material looks cheap and nt fully digital compare to accord and camry.

  • ksthong

    Don, not sure what u meant by cheap material for interior…go check it out for yourself on your own eyes compared with Accord and Camry…

  • erwan billy

    Resale value for D segment has never been that fantastic if we look at previous model in the star classified. Nonetheless, u should buy a car that suit your taste rather than resale value when considering D segment cars. 1st the only way to upgrade is a luxury compact, MPV or SUV. If people continue to support T & H, they will always be missing out on better equip cars n features.

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  • losthp

    Hi all, i’m looking at M6 2.0L and Accord 2.0L, but seems like Accord having more horsepower and torque compare to M6, does anyone compared these 2 models before? Is M6 2.0L under power?

  • Bktrokan

    for power … go to Honda…

    for comfort…go to Toyota

    for handling and subjectively…styling …. its Mazda …

  • romeo

    definitely mazda design is better than toyota,if compare with engine and reliable is toyota. i think toyota is most better manfacture of japan .any comment ?

  • backsavekkk


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