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RON97 Unleaded Fuel up 15 sen to RM2.30

The price of RON97 Unleaded Fuel is up by 15 sen per litre from today (1 Dec 2010). The previous price increase announced in a month as on 1 Nov 2010, the price of RON97 was increased by 5 sen and sold at RM2.15 per litre. The Malaysian Government claimed the price is increase due to price of crude oil ...

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RON Compatible List for your Gasoline Engine

Since 1st September 2009, Malaysia have replaced the RON92 Unleaded with RON95 Unleaded. In the other hand, the RON97 Unleaded has been logically upgraded to be Premium Unleaded in Malaysia domestic market. In fact, a lot of cars in Malaysia are compatible with RON95 Unleaded Fuel. High Octane Premium Unleaded is normally required for high compression ratio engine which is ...

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