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KEN BLOCK Subaru STI vs ROD DYRDEK Go Kart Based Subaru

Rob Dyrdeks known for it’s show – Fantasy Factory on MTV has joined Ken Block in some drifting action in Gymkhana. After Ken Block doing a sucess video as Gymkhana 2 – Refer to the video we posted earlier. , Rob built a custom Go-Kart based mini Subaru Impreza V10 which is almost identical to Ken Block’s new Subaru Impreza ...

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Ken Block DC Shoes Gymkhana Video

Ken Block – a well known Rally driver that has caught the world’s attention with it’s first Gymkhana drifting/rallying practice video in youtube over 20 million viewers worldwide. While not many know, Ken Block is also the original Co-Founder of DC Shoes. This time DC Shoes Company has decided to work with Ken Block with some clothing products of DC ...

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