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Subaru Unveils 2012 WRX STI Sedan @ Super GT Malaysia 2012

At the media centre during the Super GT International Series Malaysia, we were advice by the event organiser that Subaru will be launching the BRZ. Unfortunately, it is a ‘scam’ or I should call it as misinformation. As due to that reason, my associate was so excited and twitting false information about the Subaru BRZ launch all over the internet. ...

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Flash flood brush away many cars in Queensland

About 36 hours ago, one of our editors posted in Facebook Page about the terrible flooding tragedy in Queensland. No much feedback though. But things got worse as flood waters in the state of Queensland have ripped through numerous cities. Over 30 lives have been lost and many others are still missing. Massive damages including building structure, bridges, transportation and ...

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Ken Block DC Shoes Gymkhana Video

Ken Block – a well known Rally driver that has caught the world’s attention with it’s first Gymkhana drifting/rallying practice video in youtube over 20 million viewers worldwide. While not many know, Ken Block is also the original Co-Founder of DC Shoes. This time DC Shoes Company has decided to work with Ken Block with some clothing products of DC ...

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