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2012 Honda Fit Shuttle for Japanese Domestic Market Launched

    If you have been following us, probably you knew that the launch of the all-new Honda Fit Shuttle was postponed due to a variety of problems that arose from the March 11 massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan.     The good news, Honda had officially launched the all-new Honda Fit Shuttle on last Thursday in Japan. This ...

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No Tailgating While Driving On The Road

As part of FastMotoring Safety Drive Tips, we would like to share with all of you about this video about scary road debris that causes road accident and windshield damage.   We urge all our fellow readers to avoid tailgating and keep a distance between other cars on the road. It is very common especially in Malaysia as many flying ...

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2011 Honda Fit Shuttle JDM Postpones the Launch Due to Massive Japan Quake

The massive Japan earthquake and tsunami have forced Honda to postpone the launching of the new 2011 Honda Fit Shuttle for its domestic market.   Supposedly, this car was scheduled to take place on 17 March 2011. Regrettably, Honda said it has not yet decided on a new release date and that the company will follow up with an announcement ...

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