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Proton Persona Elegance Facelift 2010 Review

[singlepic id=707 w=630 h=473 float=center] Proton Persona Facelift 2010, or as Proton would like to call it – Proton Persona Elegance. The car just launch today and we manage to get many photos from the local Proton Showroom. The Proton Persona Elegance has new bumper, new foglights design, new headlights with black background and the new grille to match the ...

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Malaysia National Automotive Policy (NAP) 2010 Review by FastMotoring.com

After revealed Malaysia Budget 2010 on last Friday. Yesterday, MITI revealed it’s revised of National Automotive Policy (NAP). The revision of NAP has addressed most of its business opportunity, bumiputera privilege, protection, proton, surprises and policy that might attract to foreign investor in Automobile industry to Malaysia. Basically, there aren’t any changes to the structure of neither import duty nor ...

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