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Petrol price increase by RM0.10 with new fuel price mechanism

The 1Malaysia government is expected to adjust the fuel price of RON95 to RM1.90 per litre and RM1.80 per litre for diesel along with the roll out of new fuel price mechanism which will be reveal in mid of March. That is RM0.10 increase per litre respectively. The current price of RON95 fuel is at RM1.80 per litre and as ...

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Toyota Vios Facelift Malaysia 2010

UPDATES 16 April 2010 : Toyota Vios Facelift 2010 Malaysia Review – Vios Desirable Click Here !!! UPDATES 12 April 2010 : More Photos on 2010 Toyota Vios Facelift in Malaysia UPDATES 16 March 2010 : Vios Facelift Malaysia 2010 Updated Price Toyota UMW Malaysia seems to facelifted the vios and it is coming to your showroom near you real ...

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