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Monday, April 27, 2015
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Volkswagen Passat Received Enhancement Features in Malaysia for 2014

The Volkswagen Passat received a new refinement with enhanced specifications in Malaysia.

2014 Volkswagen Passat CKD 

Volkswagen Group Malaysia Managing Director Mr Christoph Aringer shares that the Passat has always emulated the progress of technological advancement at Volkswagen, saying “Since the inception of its debut model in 1973, the Passat has undergone impressive technological improvements to be the premium executive sedan that it is today; concurrently selling over 15 million vehicles worldwide. The Passat continues to be a testament of our commitment to offer competitively priced class-leading vehicles to Malaysians and the Passat remains ever true to Volkswagen’s values of quality, innovation and environmental friendliness.”

As we have tested before back in late 2012, refer: http://www.fastmotoring.com/index.php/2012/12/volkswagen-passat-1-8-tsi-b7-test-drive-review/

The Passat offers drivers enhanced connectivity, safety and comfort features. The sedan’s range of connectivity options now includes Bluetooth, telephone connectivity and audio streaming which allows Passat owners to wirelessly integrate a compatible mobile phone offering hands-free communication. Its comfort features have been upgraded to include 12-way adjustable electric front seats and memory function for driver’s seat to ensure comfortable and fatigue-free travel, even on long journeys.

The Passat_12-way adjustable electric front seats

On the car’s security front, the Passat is now improved with anti-theft alarm system with electronic immobiliser offering maximum protection against vehicle theft. Another notable enhanced feature is the sedan’s electric folding exterior mirrors.

The Passat_Electric folding exterior mirrors

Equipped with a 1.8-litre TSI 160PS turbocharged direct petrol injection 4-cylinder engine, the Passat produces maximum torque of 250Nm kicking in from a low 1500rpm all the way to 4200rpm – making it amongst the most powerful car available in its segment. This efficient engine is mated to a 7-speed Direct Shift Gearbox, enabling this sedan to accelerate from 0 to 100kph in 8.5 seconds; and is capable in reaching a top speed of 220kph.

The combination of its TSI and DSG technology places the Passat at the forefront of Volkswagen’s fuel efficiency, returning a frugal 7.0 litres/100km (approximately 14.3 km/litre) on the combined cycle.

The Passat is available in 6 colour choices: Candy White, Light Brown, Reflex Silver, Deep Black, Black Oak Brown and Icelandic Grey. The Passat is available for booking at all Volkswagen dealerships with the selling price of RM 169,888. 

Volkswagen Passat 1.8 TSI B7 Test Drive Review

In Malaysia, Volkswagen Passat 1.8 TSI B7 version was introduced back on October 2011 with fully imported CBU version. Follow by replacing it with locally assembled CKD version back on March 2012. The CKD version is assemble by DRB-Hicom in Pekan, Pahang, Malaysia. Both versions are having the identical specification except for the recent Passat Sportline, which launched back on October this year.


Volkswagen Passat 1.8 TSI B7


This 4-door sedan Volkswagen Passat is powered by turbocharged 1.8-litre TSI engine mated with 7-speed DSG transmission. Unfortunately, for this particular model there is no other variants like 220kW V6 4Motion or TDI in Malaysia.


Volkswagen Passat 1.8 TSI B7


The current B7 generation of Passat is technically redesigned from the previous B6 generation platform by reshaping all panels except the roof. Apart from that, Volkswagen has added new features and tweaks to improve comfort, efficiency, safety and value. From outside, the car may give you a flat impression but indeed, it is a good car to be considered to buy!


Based on the spec sheet, the 1.8 TSI engine delivering 160PS @ 6,200rpm with a max torque of 250Nm @ 4,200rpm. The acceleration from 0-100km/h is considerably great, which clocked at 8.5 seconds and top speed of 220km/h.


Volkswagen Passat 1.8 TSI B7


Regarding the unleaded fuel grade, Volkswagen Group Malaysia (VGM) has listed a minimum RON 95 is required. Based on my normal driving condition, I managed to clock an average of 14.3 km per litre of fuel consumption. Not too bad, isn’t it? The fuel tank capacity is approximately 70 litres, which is good for traveling long distance without stopping for refuel.


Based on the car I tested which clocked less than 8,500km, the 7-speed Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) is smooth when shifting from low to high gear or vice-versa. It gives a sporty feeling while driving.


Volkswagen Passat 1.8 TSI B7 Volkswagen Passat 1.8 TSI B7


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Volkswagen Group Malaysia Launched CBU Jetta, Passat and Cross Touran

While our team is enjoying the trip at down under, we did a couple of road trips and took some challenges with the given road condition and climate. Indisputable, the drive is highly enjoyable compare to our usual road trip in back home.


In Brisbane, one of our team members spotted the new Volkswagen Jetta. Apparently, the new Jetta looks like Audi A4 from far and the front façade is typical a Volkswagen Polo and Golf.


Just in-time or I would say is so coincident, we received an email from the insider in VGM that the Volkswagen Jetta, Passat and Cross Touran are now launched in Malaysia in CBU form. In general, we have no idea why the local production is delayed.


VW Jetta Malaysia

The Jetta model is basically VW Golf in a sedan outer-shell. The engine specification is similar to the Golf 1.4 TSI. It is powered by twin-charged 1.4 TSI engine with 160PS and 240Nm of torque mated with 7-speed DSG transmission. The price starts from RM 149,888 (on-the-road without insurance). The car features with Volkswagen’s Climatronic air-conditioning system, a RCD310 audio system, Park Distance Control (PDC) for the front and rear, cruise control and seats covered in ‘Sienna’ fabric.


Besides the Jetta, the Passat is launched with a price from RM 184,888 (OTR without insurance) and powered by 1.8-litre TSI engine with 160PS and 250Nm of torque. Thirdly, the Volkswagen Cross Touran is priced from RM 166,888 (OTR without insurance). The 7-seater VW Cross Touran is equipped with 1.4 TSI engine with only 140HP and 220Nm of torque.


Since we are currently in the midst of road trips around QLD, NSW and VIC, we will come back with more info once we return to Kuala Lumpur. So stay tune with us!!


If you are interested to buy one now, you can visit your local VW authorised dealers. If you need one to be introduced, just drop us an email. Meantime, check out some photo shots from our insider after the jump.


Photo Gallery: Volkswagen Jetta Malaysia

Volkswagen CKD, 3 Models March 2011 with DRB-HICOM

Volkswagen to have Complete Knock Down (CKD) units by March next year,  however it’s partner in Malaysia is not Proton. It’s DRB-HICOM. Surprise, surprise. It made me feel like the movie -  Stars Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Some of our hopes were called off since Volkswagen made an announcement 2 months back calling off talks with Proton about the possible collaboration , but a New Hope arise. It was last Friday, DRB-HICOM Berhad & Volkswagen AG signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to collaborate on assembling and manufacturing Volkswagen vehicles in Malaysia.

The agreement will make Volkswagen existing sales activities and becoming a more competitive automotive brand in Malaysia market. Volkswagen cars will be built in Pekan, Pahang. DRB-Hicom will also look into local automotive component manufacturing companies, this is also in line with the National Automotive Policy (NAP). We do hope with this act we can buy Volkswagen vehicles in a more affordable price.


It was also announced by our Prime Minister,Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak that the first batch of Malaysia built Volkswagen vehicles will be roll out by 1st quarter next year. 3  Volkswagen Models is expected to built for the 1st batch. No official announcement on which VW cars yet, but our guess would be the Volkswagen Jetta as shown above and another possibile popular model would be the VW Passat.

Passat 2011

The possible 3rd model in could be the Volkswagen Touran which is actually already being assemble in Indonesia. The Touran is a entry level MPV from Volkswagen.


It is a truly exciting news for us, however depending on how DRB-Hicom and Volkswagen handle the situation, 1st quarter next year might seem pretty quick. There could be possibility too DRB-Hicom will do this 1st few batch of Volkswagen vehicles in  a SKD( Semi Knock Down)  which means it’s partially imported, for example it’s body works is welded before bringing it in instead of importing in pieces by pieces (the like how Naza did with the recent launched Peugeot 3008). More VW cars on the roads next year !