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Nissan Sylphy Tuned By Impul 2.0 XV Test Drive Review

The Nissan Sylphy that currently selling in Malaysia was launched back in 2008. This car is based on Nissan ‘B’ platform. Since its debut, the Sylphy received many awards and recognition by the local automotive journalists. It is also known as Nissan Bluebird in Taiwan.


Nissan Sylphy Tuned by Impul Malaysia


The Nissan Sylphy uses the all-aluminium MR20DE engine mated with Xtronic Continuously Variable Transmission (X-CVT). The engine outputs 133ps (98kW) @ 5,200rpm with a max torque of 191Nm @ 4,400rpm. The entire combination is designed to deliver smooth and powerful acceleration plus greater fuel efficiency. By using CVT, fuel efficiency is easily achievable.


2012 Nissan Sylphy Tuned by Impul Malaysia


I have never test drive any Sylphy before until I got the key of this Nissan Sylphy Tuned by Impul. This exclusive model is launched in Malaysia in conjunction with the 2012 Autobacs Super GT Series at Sepang International Circuit on 10th June 2012. It is a tuned up model based on the stock Nissan Sylphy 2.0.


Just like other Nissan, the Sylphy is easy to drive and spacious inside. I felt the legroom of the rear is as spacious as the ‘D’ segment cars like Nissan Teana or Toyota Camry. The interior is black in colour including the leather seats. However, the leather seats is also available in Brown colour as an option. Thanks to the Electric Power Steering (EPS), that results a lighter steering wheel control. The Sylphy has the biggest boot – 504 litres in its class. The 2.0 XV that we got is a premium model, it comes with Intelligent Key for true keyless start-up and entry. The engine can be started by turning the ignition switch once the Intelligent Key is detected inside the car.


2012 Nissan Sylphy Tuned by Impul Malaysia img_442012 Nissan Sylphy Tuned by Impul Malaysia84


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Nissan Sylphy & Livina X-Gear Tuned By Impul Launched by ETCM

Nissan Malaysia (Edaran Tan Chong Motor – ETCM) has taken the Sylphy & the Livina X-Gear to Impul team for some sporty upgrades. Last week in conjunction of the Super GT 2012 event, Nissan has launch 2 of their models with Impul components. The event was further infused with hype with the appearance by Dato’ Dr Ang Bon Beng, Executive Director of ETCM and Kazuyoshi Hoshino San, founder of the Impul branding and team principle of Calsonic Impul Team with the Nissan GTR participating in the Malaysia Super GT 2012 race.


Nissan Sylphy & Livina X-Gear Tuned By Impul Launched by ETCM


Dato’ Dr. Ang mentioned that the Nissan vehicles with Impul package has accounted for about 10% sales of each respective model and the Impul accessories are highest quality installed by professionally trained personnel. These variants are meant for those individual to wants a Nissan vehicles with a sportier and exclusive side.


Nissan Sylphy & Livina X-Gear Tuned By Impul Launched by ETCM op-impulfront_shnaNissan Sylphy & Livina X-Gear Tuned By Impul Launched by ETCM


The two cars launched last week end with the Impul package is the Nissan Sylphy Tuned By Impul & Nissan Livina X-Gear Tuned By Impul. Both of the cars have been fitted with various Impul accessories. Immediately, we notice that both cars have been installed with Impul aerokit for better aerodynamics and sportier styling.


Nissan Sylphy & Livina X-Gear Tuned By Impul Launched by ETCM


Both of the cars have been fitted with IMPUL Sport Suspension System – which consist of shock absorbers and coil springs as seen in the picture. This set of sports suspension system has been specially tuned by IMPUL engineers to deliver sportier handling. The ride height is lower with increased lateral force support when cornering to enhance the neutral cornering characteristics of Nissan Livina X-Gear. Both cars have been tuned to have good ride comfort is retained so that long journeys are just as pleasurable as well as safety & agility.


Nissan Sylphy & Livina X-Gear Tuned By Impul Launched by ETCM


Not to forget the temperature of the event was even  hotter when 2 Impul Calsonic Team Race Queen arrived. Kazuyoshi Hoshino San also has given his signatures to both of these cars’ dashboard.


Nissan Sylphy & Livina X-Gear Tuned By Impul Launched by ETCM Nissan Sylphy & Livina X-Gear Tuned By Impul Launched by ETCM


The Nissan Sylphy has fitted with IMPUL Aerokit that consist grille, front and rear bumper spoilers, side skirts and IMPUL’s trademark wing spoiler on the bootlid. As the Nissan Livina X-Gear Impul has been fitted Impul signature wing like the one found in Nissan Grand Livina Tuned By Impul.


Nissan Sylphy & Livina X-Gear Tuned By Impul Launched by ETCM Nissan Sylphy & Livina X-Gear Tuned By Impul Launched by ETCM


Both Nissan Sylphy Tuned By Impul & Nissan Livina X-Gear Tuned By Impul have been fitted with 17″ wheel, which claims to forge by a new super cast process that lightens the rim up to 30%. This make the rims lighter and better fuel economy. The Sylphy is fitted with IMPUL Aura SX-10 Alloy Wheels (left photo above), where as the X-Gear is fitted with the IMPUL Aura SX-20 Alloy Wheels (right photo above).


Nissan Sylphy & Livina X-Gear Tuned By Impul Launched by ETCM


Both cars have been installed with IMPUL Blast 2 Exhaust Muffler – a high-quality stainless steel exhaust muffler in a polished finish and IMPUL logo etched on the tailpipe. Apart from enhancing the car’s looks, this muffler also provides sharper engine response and has a sportier growling note.


Nissan Sylphy & Livina X-Gear Tuned By Impul Launched by ETCM Nissan Sylphy & Livina X-Gear Tuned By Impul Launched by ETCM


All IMPUL parts come with a 3-year or 100,000-km warranty (whichever comes first, subject to terms and conditions) on manufacturing defects if they are purchased and installed by ETCM on a brand new Nissan Livina X-Gear or Nissan Sylphy. The Nissan Livina X-Gear 1.6 (A) with Impul package would cost RM90,800 & the Nissan Sylphy with Impul package are list as per below.


Nissan Sylphy 2.0L (A) XL Comfort with Impul package – RM125,988

Nissan Sylphy 2.0L (A) XL Luxury with Impul package – RM130,988

Nissan Sylphy 2.0L (A) Premium with Impul package – RM135,988


Photo Gallery: Nissan Sylphy & X-Gear Tuned By Impul @ Super GT Malaysia 2012

2012 Nissan Sylphy Introduced in Malaysia

2012 Nissan Sylphy Malaysia

In about 4 years ago, the Nissan Sylphy was introduced in the Malaysia market.


For 2012, Edaran Tan Chong Motor revised the Nissan Sylphy with updates and upgrades that enhance its exterior styling and features. Now, the 2012 Nissan Sylphy is available in two variants – 2.0XL and 2.0XV.


“Nissan does not allow its models to become stale or boring and constantly provides upgrades to keep them fresh. We are confident that the new 2012 Nissan SYLPHY will win over more Malaysians, especially young executives who are looking for a refined sedan with the best value for  money,” said Dato’ Dr Ang Bon Beng, the Executive Director of Edaran Tan Chong Motor (ETCM).


The 2012 Nissan Sylphy now come with new front and rear bumpers, a new chrome grille, revised front and tail-lamps. In addition, the Nissan Sylphy come with five distinctive colour choices - Bronze Gold, Tungsten Silver, Sapphire Black, Twilight Grey and Brilliant White.


The engine remained the same all-aluminium MR20DE 2.0-litre 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve engine with Drive-by-Wire technology. With ECCS, electronic fuel injection system and continuously variable valve timing control (CVTC). The 2.0-litre engine is pumping 133ps of power and 191Nm of torque yet fuel efficient.


The engine is mated with Nissan’s 3rd Generation Xtronic Continuously Variable Transmission (X-CVT). This combination results in superb fuel economy with refined yet powerful acceleration.


Both versions, which have a black interior theme with fine cherry wood trim, come with a new silver-ringed combi-meter design incorporating a Multi-Information Display; and a new audio system head-unit with MP3 and Auxiliary input.


2012 Nissan Sylphy Malaysia

Part of the upgrades, the door mirrors are now foldable with touch of a button and auto-climate air-conditioning system come with temperature display. Sadly, the rear brake still remained drum, which we think this lightly bothered some potential owners.


The Sylphy 2.0XV comes with 16-inch 7-spoke alloy wheels, intelligent key (i-Key) keyless entry and engine-start system, leather steering wheel with audio controls and bi-xenon projector headlamps with an Active Front-lighting System (AFS).


2012 Nissan Sylphy Malaysia

On the safety aspect, the 2012 Nissan Sylphy comes equipped with dual front SRS airbags, front seatbelt pre-tensioners, front seat Active Head Restraints and Zone Body construction with front and rear crushable zones. An auto-light system mode will automatically switch on the headlights when lighting conditions become dim (similar to Toyota Harrier, Estima or even Honda Insight).


The 2012 Nissan Sylphy is available with an on-the-road price of RM114,880.00 for the 2.0XL and RM124,880.00 for the 2.0XV. The prices are inclusive of insurance, road tax, registration fee and ownership claim fee in Peninsular Malaysia. For a limited period, all purchasers will also get an aerokit free of charge with each new Sylphy.


ETCM is currently offering a 3-year or 100,000km warranty (whichever comes first) and low interest hire purchase rates starting from 2.50% per annum, subject to terms and conditions.


Photo Gallery: 2012 Nissan Sylphy Malaysia