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Tuesday, April 28, 2015
Breaking News

Peugeot 308 R Hybrid Concept is AWD & 500ps

While some of us eagerly awaits the confirmation for production of Peugeot 308 R Hybrid, Peugeot has release another 308 Concept.  The Peugeot 308 R Hybrid  as they call , it’s a plug-in petrol hybrid. Another words, it’s chargeable just like your iPhone, it’s run with petrol too and also a hybrid system that works the magic.


Developed by Peugeot Sport division, horsepower numbers are big, 500ps (about 493hp). That’s BMW M5 or Nissan GTR category.  All wheel drive system is in place along with this huge power output. Peugeot Sport are push the  4-cylinder petrol 1.6-liter THP S&S engine (270PS/266hp) and an 85kW (115PS/114hp) electric motor linked to the 6-speed gearbox driving the front wheels, as well as a similar electric motor driving the rear axle.All of these allows the 308 R Hybrid to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4 seconds and to cover 1 kilometer from a standing start in 22 seconds. Top speed is limited electronically at 250 km/h, while CO2 emissions are just 70 g/km.

All thought a plug-in hybrid, the 308 R Hybrid carries a more aggressive looks with a modified front end sporting louvers on the bonnet as well as a modified bumper and grille with checked pattern over the standard Peugeot 308.The side air scoops integrate the sequential LED indicators while the central scoop sports the car’s signature 308 R Hybrid badge, carved into the block. The concept features an intense blue exterior color combined with matte black on the rear doors.


308 R Hybrid sports a unique interior design with four individual seats and a blue and black color scheme which we wait to see more next week. For now, they said, the Peugeot 308 R Hybrid cabin features a stretched-out central console and four bucket seats upholstered in fawn-colored patinated leather. Red accents are visible around the dials, on the steering wheel center marker and on the center console. The wheels of the 308 R Hybrid rides on 235/35 R19 tyres set on tracks that have been widened by 80mm (3.15-inch) At the rear, Peugeot 308 R Hybrid features a narrow spoiler at the top of the tailgate and a bumper with two scoops that aerodynamically help keep the battery temperature down by drawing out the hot air.

The weight distribution is 60 percent to the front and 40 percent to the rear, with a weight/power ratio of 3.1 kg/PS. The Peugeot 308 R Hybrid concept is scheduled to debut in Shanghai Auto Show next week.

Gallery : Peugeot 308 R Hybrid

Ford Announces Start of Pre-Launch Bookings for Award-Winning Mondeo

On April 1, Ford announced that pre-launch bookings for the technology-rich new Mondeo will kick-off at a special preview event at Bangsar Shopping Centre from 1 to 5 April.

2015 Ford Mondeo

Test drives of Ford’s flagship passenger car in Malaysia will also be available at the event, ahead of its much-anticipated arrival later this month in showrooms nationwide.  

“The new Mondeo delivers a dynamic boost to our expanding Ford lineup in Malaysia. With advanced Ford technologies and elegant design, the Mondeo offers a sophisticated driving experience that Malaysian customers have come to expect from Ford,” said Veemala Rethinasamy, sales and marketing director, Malaysia, Ford Motor Company.

The sleek new Mondeo is equipped with a refined and high performance 2.0L EcoBoost® engine that is mated to a smooth, six-speed SelectShift automatic transmission, featuring 240 PS and 345 Nm of torque, with fuel economy of just 8L/100Km.

Ford’s EcoBoost® technology combines turbocharging, direct injection, and variable valve timing to reduce engine displacement while improving fuel efficiency by up to 20 percent, and reducing CO2 emissions by up to 15 percent compared with traditional engines of equivalent performance.

Innovative and advanced technology

The new Mondeo features Ford’s exclusive MyKey technology, offering extra peace-of-mind for owners by enabling them to programme the key to restrict various features – either for themselves or when others such as teenagers are driving.

Owners can restrict top speed, reduce the maximum volume of the audio system and even disable the audio system altogether if the driver and passengers are not using safety belts.

Making its Malaysian debut in the Mondeo is Ford’s SYNC 2™ connectivity system, which boasts a larger, eight-inch colour touchscreen to operate phone and entertainment using voice commands. SYNC 2™ offers an array of new and enhanced features, with increased voice recognition capabilities that can help drivers stay connected while keeping their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

“The new Mondeo offers a sophisticated suite of features and technology that enhance driving, comfort and convenience,” added Rethinasamy.

The Mondeo’s advanced technology also extends to lighting, which combines full-LED headlamps with Ford’s Adaptive Front Lighting System to enhance the driver’s view of the surroundings.

The system adjusts the headlight beam angle and intensity to match the driving environment, ambient light conditions, steering angle, distance to the vehicle in front and windscreen wiper activation.

The new Mondeo also comes with Adaptive Cruise Control, which scans traffic positions 20 times a second, so that if traffic slows, so does the vehicle’s speed. When the traffic clears, it returns to the pre-set speed. Paddle shifters offer the ease of an automatic and the thrill of a manual, while a rear view camera further optimising efficiency and safety.

Advanced safety features also come as standard. Among these are seven airbags, including driver and passenger airbags, seat-mounted side airbags and one for the driver’s knee, as well as side-curtain airbags in both the front and back.

A combination of Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and Traction Control helps keep drivers connected to the road and in control, especially around corners and when overtaking. Together with Ford’s anti-lock braking system, they help reduce the chances of wheel spin, wheel lock and over- or under-steering.

Superior refinement, design, quality and convenience

Mondeo delivers quality and craftsmanship for a refined, elegant, and expressive exterior, and interior that features optimised ergonomics and comfort, with premium finishes and equipment.

Produced at Ford’s state-of-the-art plant in Valencia, Spain, the Mondeo features a sports coupe profile with low roofline. The lean side-profile is sculpted to convey visual lightness, while the sophisticated and technical front end design features Ford’s prominent trapezoidal grille, a power-dome bonnet and adaptive, slim-line, laser-cut headlamp design.

Inside, a sleek, wrap-around centre console design delivers a sporty, cockpit-like feel, and features a symmetrical design that is accessible to both the driver and the front seat passenger, while a power-adjustable, memory-equipped steering column adds convenience for drivers.

The new Mondeo’s smart-design 10-way adjustable front seats front seats feature a thinner seat back, enabling rear seat passengers to enjoy additional legroom without sacrificing driver and front passenger comfort.

Road noise reductions have been achieved with integral link rear suspension and additional sound deadening material, while wind noise is reduced to levels previously only experienced in the premium segment.

Stronger body with advanced materials

The new Mondeo uses sophisticated materials and production techniques to deliver greater strength and improved safety with reduced weight and enhanced sustainability.

An industry-first application of hydro-formed high strength steel is used to produce the A-pillars, B-pillars, and roof rails. A new magnesium inner tailgate structure delivers weight-saving of approximately 40 percent compared to a traditional steel equivalent.

Recently crowned the UK’s Best Estate Car at the ‘2015 What Car? Awards’, the new Ford Mondeo will be introduced with an Estimated Retail Price of RM 203,800.

In addition to the event at Bangsar Shopping Centre from 1 to 5 April, it will be showcased at events throughout Klang Valley, with bookings taken and test-drives available on:

  • 22-26 April: Desa Park City
  • 6-10 May: Setia City Mall

Photo Gallery: 2015 Ford Mondeo

An Outstanding Performance for Team Proton R3 At The Start of The 2015 Race Season

Proton via its Team Proton R3 made an explosive start to the 2015 race season last weekend winning in both Race 1 and Race 2 in the 1st round of the Malaysian Championship Series 2015 (MCS) at Sepang International Circuit.

Proton R3 Pic 1-1 

In Race 1 on Saturday,  Fariqe Hairuman started in the No.11 Proton Suprima S while teammate Syafiq Ali started in his No.12 Proton Prevé. Due to problems faced during qualifying, both R3 cars started at the back of a 54 car grid comprising of 4 different car classes.  With a huge number of cars in this race, there  was bound to be havoc going into turn 1 and turn 2 with many cars spinning out or crashing into each other as they jostled for position after the standing start.  Both Fariqe and Syafiq managed to take advantage of the incidents in front to eventually chase down their rivals from behind and end the 9 lap sprint race with Fariqe finishing in 1st and Syafiq in 3rd position. 

For Race 2 on Sunday, James Veerapen started in pole position for the MTC class in the No.11 Proton Suprima S whilst Syafiq Ali started in 3rd  in the No.12 Proton Prevé.  Despite a bad start for James, he worked through the heavy traffic to take the lead after the first lap with Syafiq close behind in 2nd.  On lap 6, while Syafiq was battling hard with 3rd place Eri from Indonesia in a Tedco Racing Satria Neo, the race was stopped due to an accident involving two Renault Clios from the Clio Cup China Series.  This gave Proton a 1-2 finish in race 2 with James in 1st and Syafiq Ali finishing in 2nd.

Proton R3 Pic 2

Round 1 also marks the debut for Fariqe Hairuman who is a well known “Touring Car” driver in the international motorsports scene after a 1 year hiatus.  He will partner with regular R3 driver, James Veerapen in the No.11 Suprima S for the duration of the 2015 season.  Round 2 of the MCS will be held again at the Sepang International Circuit on 24-26 April.

PROTON is competing in the Malaysian Touring Car (MTC) class which features production based racing cars with 1600cc naturally aspirated engines.  Round 1 of the MCS is run as the official support race for the 2015 Formula 1 PETRONAS Malaysia Grand Prix.

Perodua reduces vehicle prices by up to 1.6%, spare parts prices unchanged

Beginning April 1, Perodua will be reducing its vehicle prices between 0.1% and 1.6% depending on individual model following the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST). Perodua will also maintain its spare parts prices, while absorbing the impact of GST.


“We have always been supportive of the government’s intention and the customers’ expectation in terms of providing affordable and value for money vehicles,” Perodua President & CEO Datuk Aminar Rashid Salleh said.

“We had repositioned the price of some of our models and added value ranging from 3% to 12% since 2013. In addition all our models have a 5-year warranty for the peace of mind to our customers,” he said.

Aminar said the first product of the cost saving initiative was the Perodua S-Series which was well received and accumulated sales of approximately 153,000 units from March 2013 and January 2015.

He said that Perodua has been reducing the prices as well as improving its product offerings of its vehicles plus other benefits for its customers.

Aminar said that these improvements were the result of the investment and transformation programmes Perodua initiated since 2011 to be globally competitive in terms of quality, cost and delivery of goods as well as services.

“We are also committed towards improving the entire domestic supply chain as we continue our support and provide assistance to our vendors and dealers with the establishment of monetary development funds, better payment terms and providing human capital Development programmes to them,” Aminar said.

On the implementation of GST, Aminar said Perodua supports the introduction of the new tax as it was for the betterment of Malaysians for as long as the implementation is fair to all parties involved.

“While the impact of the GST may result in reduction to some areas of our business, unfortunately there are other areas of our business that will result in an increase in cost”, Aminar said.

“Taking all these into consideration including the appreciation of the US Dollar to the ringgit, we are happy and pleased to announced that we are able to pass along the savings to our valued customers on the price of the vehicles, while absorbing the cost incurred on our spare parts,” Aminar said

“We would like to thank the government, our partners, dealers, vendors and customers for your continued support and believe in Perodua,” he added.

All-New Lexus RX SUV Unveiled in New York

Lexus unveiled its all-new RX SUV at the New York International Auto Show today.


The fourth generation RX features a redesigned, luxurious interior wrapped in a bold and chiselled body with Lexus-first styling cues.  

It combines the dynamic new look with exceptional on-road performance and new safety technologies, including the new Lexus Safety System+. 


RX chief engineer Takayuki Katsuda said the latest RX built on the foundations of the previous three generations of the segment-redefining SUV. 

“Our ambition has been to make a bold and completely new statement in this segment while building on and staying true to the pioneering values of previous RX generations,” Mr Katsuda said. 

Bold and exciting new look

RX front styling features a new fascia highlighted by an emboldened spindle grille with a chrome-plated border, triple L-shaped LED headlamps and redesigned fog lamps. 


This gives the RX an elegant yet futuristic aura, while muscular front fender flares add to the vehicle’s sporty stance.

The side profile is characterised by a sharp character line that runs from the front fenders to the rear end which, together with a flowing roofline, gives the RX a dynamic profile that minimises drag and reduces front and rear lift while also enhancing high speed stability and reducing wind noise. 

Lexus-first blacked-out C-pillars provide a dramatic floating-roof effect.

New RX also features newly designed 20-inch alloy wheels, which can be customised with variable colour inserts to emphasise driver individuality.


Sharpened rear styling exudes a sense of stability, highlighted by new L-shaped taillights that wrap around the sides of the vehicle to create a wider, more authoritative presence when illuminated. 

The new cabin features high levels of comfort and luxury, with repositioned trim pieces to provide an additional feeling of class. 

Laser-cut ornamentation is available to further add to the cabin’s opulence. 

A large head-up display (HUD)* takes centre stage, while the information display area, featuring a 12.3-inch monitor, has been separated from the main operations area.


The gear lever has also been repositioned from the front of the instrument panel to optimise operability and create more space for the driver. 

Rear-seat occupants are treated to more leg and knee space, and the newly-developed seats offer heating and power reclining features that both enhance convenience and provide a sophisticated, luxurious feel.

A retractable power panorama roof enhances the RX cabin’s spaciousness and provides occupants with an open-air experience.

RX chief designer Gen Ikeda said the fourth generation RX featured enhancements to deliver driving pleasure and occupant comfort. 

“We designed the RX to have a high amount of excitement and strength,” he said. “The lengthened wheelbase and larger tyre size results in sporty, powerful proportions. 

“Even while ensuring a high level of luxury and space within the cabin, the RX’s silhouette remains sleek and dynamic, while the interior has been designed for easy operation with luxurious execution.”

Smooth, powerful and efficient engines

RX features an upgraded and more powerful 3.5-litre V6 that comes mated to a new eight-speed automatic transmission. 

The hybrid model’s Atkinson-cycle 3.5-litre V6 is based on the improved V6 powertrain.

All RX engines have been tuned to achieve high fuel economy and low carbon emissions.

Enhanced handling and stability

The RX chassis has been fortified to provide better stability and control through turns for sharp, car-like handling.

The vehicle’s body structure has been strengthened with added stiffness, helping to drastically improve its handling response while keeping engine and road noise from entering the cabin. 

RX also features Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)* and Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management (VDIM)*.

Each system is designed to recognise potentially dangerous situations and make automatic and often transparent adjustments to ensure the vehicle remains in control when entering and exiting corners. 

All-wheel drive improves RX handling performance and stability on both dry and slick surfaces.

The RX’s fully independent suspension system, which comprises MacPherson struts on the front and a double wishbone setup at the rear, has been tuned and reinforced to improve handling while keeping a smooth ride quality. 

Available Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) electronically monitors and adapts the suspension damping and steering to ensure optimal handling and ride depending on the driving conditions. 

AVS automatically makes adjustments to the shock absorber settings, ensuring the smoothest ride quality possible.

The system is also designed to produce less body roll through corners, providing a sporty driving experience.

Safety a priority with Lexus Safety System+

New RX features enhanced safety features, including an upgraded body structure that heightens the overall passive safety of the RX, and Lexus Safety System+*, which helps avoid or mitigate collisions across a wide range of vehicle speeds. 

Lexus Safety System+, introduced globally, integrates several of Lexus’ existing active safety technologies. 

These include:

• Pre-Collision System (PCS)*, which detects sudden stops initiated by the vehicle in front and warns drivers of potential contact with obstacles ahead 

• Lane Departure Warning (LDW)*, which issues an audible signal if the vehicle strays from its intended lane, and

• Automatic High Beam (AHB)*, which helps ensure optimal forward visibility during night driving. 

The Lexus Safety System+ package utilises a millimetre-wave radar that works together with a camera to keep the RX in its intended driving lane via the Lane Keeping Assist feature (LKA)* and enhances the target detection for the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control. 

Adaptive High-beam System (AHS)*, Panoramic View Monitor (PVM)* and Blind Spot Monitor (BSM)* with Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA)* are available to provide even higher levels of safety.

RX F Sport

RX F Sport, which is tailored for those who desire even more excitement and performance in their luxury SUV, will be available with all model engine offerings.

Lexus vehicles designated with the F Sport badge are equipped with unique visual and performance features. 

On RX the spindle grille and lower centrepiece of the rear bumper possess an “F” mesh design, instantly giving the vehicle dynamic flair. 

New alloy wheels, exclusive to F Sport, also help give the RX a commanding road presence. 

The cabin features a custom F Sport instrument cluster as well as a sport steering wheel featuring perforated leather and an F Sport emblem, complete with paddle shifters. 

Exclusive colours and trim pieces are also integral to the F Sport package.

RX F Sport’s performance has been enhanced by an active stabiliser system whose cutting-edge technology keeps the vehicle’s body flat through corners. AVS, which also helps keep the vehicle planted to driving surfaces through turns, is standard on RX F Sport.

The driver can select the AVS-enhanced Sport S+ mode, in addition to Eco, Normal and Sports S settings, on the Drive Mode Select control located on the centre console.

RX raises the bar for luxury SUVs

Chief engineer Takayuki Katsuda said the new RX, with luxurious comfort, bold styling and exciting driving dynamics, would excite both new and existing customers. 

“The pioneering spirit of Lexus drives us to create new technology and gives rise to new ideas,” he said.  

“It allows us to introduce new vehicles with leading-edge features. And indeed, we are committed to bringing ‘progressive luxury’ to the world. 

“I believe this new RX will not only surprise new customers, but will also delight and satisfy our loyal customers, whose high expectations will be met by many new innovations,” Mr Katsuda said.

The fourth generation RX is set to arrive in Australia in 2016. 

Local specification and model line-up will be announced closer to the time of launch. 

2016 Lexus RX preliminary specifications

Overall length: 4890mm
Overall width: 1895mm
Overall height: 1690mm
Wheelbase: 2790mm
Track (front): 1640mm
Track (rear): 1630mm

Photo Gallery: 2016 Lexus RX