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Friday, September 19, 2014
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RON95 Petrol and Diesel Price Increase by RM0.20 by 3 September 2013

RON 95 Price Increase Malaysia Petrol

The price per litre of RON95 grade petrol and diesel will increase by RM0.20 from midnight tonight (3 September 2013) , announced by Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak this evening.

Tomorrow, RON95 price will be RM2.10 per litre, Diesel will be RM2.00 per litre.  A normal petrol fill up of 40 litre, will have a RM8 increase per tank as average.

Petrol Price Syria

Petrol Price Syria

Based on our findings,this is could be due to the Syria Crisis going on. Petrol stations around Malaysia are now piling up with drivers queueing up to get the last taste of RM1.90 per litre RON 95 petrol.

Fuel Price RON95 RM1.85 , RON 97 No Subsidise

Fuel Price malaysia

The Malaysia government has officially announce that the fuel price will be increase. The Normal RON 95 petrol will be priced at RM1.85 as of Friday. Which means you have time to save 5 cent per liter until 11.59pm tonight.

If you’re pumping the RON 97 fuel, there will be no more subsidy when the clock strikes 12am later. The RON 97 price will be float and to be determined by an automatic price mechanism. As for Diesel , you will be paying RM1.75 per liter.

As summary the new prices are as below,

* RON95 – RM1.85 increased of RM0.05
* RON97 – FLOAT which means RM2.10 or more – an increase of RM0.05 or more
* Diesel – RM1.75 increased of RM0.05
* LPG Natural Gas – RM1.85 per kg – increased of RM0.10

Other item increased are,

Sugar – RM1.75 per kg – increased of RM0.25

This move by our government is part of the “gradual subsidy rationalisation programme” which means there will be a day there wouldn’t be any more subsidy. It is said that the act will strengthen the financial position of country. So let us held our hands to our wallet and pay more to the government. Let us know your comments below. By the way, i suggest you rush to your nearest petrol station to fill in your last RM1.80 Ron95 or the still subsidised Ron97 right now. A 40 litre fill in will saved you RM2.00.

Click here to read the Full Press Statement from Prime Minister’s Office

Petrol price increase by RM0.10 with new fuel price mechanism

The 1Malaysia government is expected to adjust the fuel price of RON95 to RM1.90 per litre and RM1.80 per litre for diesel along with the roll out of new fuel price mechanism which will be reveal in mid of March. That is RM0.10 increase per litre respectively.

The current price of RON95 fuel is at RM1.80 per litre and as for diesel it’s at RM1.70.

The price of RON97 it’s at RM2.05 but however there is no decision yet on the increase of price for RON97 fuel.

The Finance Ministry of 1Malaysia said that the government cannot provide more subsidy because of a spike in global crude oil price. Which is right now, as i write this article it’s USD 80.18 per barrel.

The government believe that increase of RM0.10 it’s acceptable to all automotive users.