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Thursday, April 17, 2014
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Nissan 370z / Nissan Fairlady Launched in Malaysia

nissan 370z malaysia


Edaran Tan Chong Motor, the Malaysia’s Nissan distributor has just launched the Nissan 370z (also known as Nissan Fairlady in Japan Domestic Market) into Malaysian market. The new Nissan 370z comes in 2 transmission models (thankfully) a 6-speed manual transmission or 7-speed automatic transmission with manual mode. The Fairlady now is equppied with a 3.7L V6 engine with VVEL (Variable Valve Event and Lift), offering 328bhp and 363Nm of torque which is said to be about 16hp more than the previous 350z (according to Fifth Gear).


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Fifth Gear Reviews of Nissan 370z / Nissan Fairlady

Nissan 370z review testdrive Fifth Gear

Weeks ago Fifth Gear Uk has review the Nissan 370z. The presentor only has 2 complains over the older Nissan 350z or rather known as Nissan Fairlady in Japan. Watch how the new version of the Fairlady which is Nissan 370z wins the heart of Fifth Gear.


Honda City Bodykit – Honda Special Vehicle GTS

This is HSV GTS. You might be asking again. This is Honda Special Vehicle Gran Turismo Sportivo, a car based on Honda City. Okay, we’re just joking about the HSV GTS thing. This is a very good looking Honda City that i came across few weeks back in Taipan USJ Old Town White Coffee. I can’t help myself as a automotive enthusiastic person and ask the owner of the car whether i can take a few photo of it. * I apologize to our viewers and the owner for the vehicle for the photo quality as i’m using a phone camera. The car suppose to be a sharp red colour. *


The Honda City has widen its fenders and with uniquely design front [more: continue reading and see more photos]and back bumpers with quite a cool looking side skirt. Also notice that there are air vents all around the vehicle for better aerodynamics.It has a “WOW” factor at my first glance and stop to think at what could be this good looking car. Looking at it my first thought was – some part of the design ques look like the one found in HSV GTS (the previous post), maybe because it is red too.

I had a chance to have a quick chat with the owner and found out that his modification cost is about RM20k. That’s including the new design all round bodyworks, new paint, new rims/tyres , adjustable suspension system, and a better exhaust system. That’s all i can recall. If you notice with the above photo, the seat hasn’t been unwrap yet.

I know our hardcore Honda City fans/owner out there wants a clearer view of the car. Check out our gallery below. By the way, if you’re the owner of the car please contact us. We’ll love to review your car and get a better camera to snap a few more shots.

If you have a great car that would like to share to others do contact us at : [email protected] .

Clarkson took the new BMW Z4 against the Nissan 370Z in Top Gear

If you are regular in our blog, we had covered you on the BMW Z4 launch in Kuala Lumpur. Well to be frank, we do not have the chance to test drive wildly and review the car like Jeremy Clarkson. So, we can’t give any solid comment and comparisons between the Z4 and its range except for some brief comments.

In the latest episode of Top Gear UK, Z4 is reviewed to be softer, heavier and more stylish than its predecessor, while the 370Z is harder, lighter and more fancy exterior than 350Z. The 370Z is a coupe and the Z4 has a stow-able aluminum roof. The BMW is a genuine luxury car offering, while the 370Z is more like a Japanese’s Porsche.

However, the two vehicles having similar overall dimensions and performance. Top Gear took this two coupes against each another on the test track. Well, its obviously the Japanese’s Porsche have the better lap time compare to the Z4 which is more focused on luxury and styling.

Check out the video by Jeremy Clarkson that comparing the new BMW Z4 against the

Nissan 370Z from this week Top Gear UK.


Nissan will reveal its All-Electric Vehicle on 2 Aug


On this coming Sunday - 2nd August 2009, Nissan will reveal its new global electric vehicle to the media at the company’s new headquarters in Yokahama, Japan. Stay with us for more updates coming on Nissan EV.